healthy hair

Self-plasma treatment to stimulate hair roots, stimulating hair growth and improving hair texture. Depending on individual needs, your own plasma can additionally be combined with specific vitamins and trace elements.

Supplying nutrients to the cells is the prerequisite for healthy tissue. These growth factors are transported via the blood through particularly fine vessels (capillaries) to the hair root, for example. If this supply is diminished or disturbed, the tissue loses its nutrition and cell degeneration begins (e.g. hair loss).
Modern PRP therapy supports cell renewal. Our blood contains a wide variety of living cells. PRP is concentrated, enriched blood plasma. PRP for hair loss contains a particularly high amount of platelets, growth factors, and proteins. PRP can stimulate rejuvenation and cell regeneration at the hair root in the scalp. This autologous cell regeneration can stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Blood is taken from the patient before the plasma treatment / PRP treatment. This autologous blood is specially filtered (plasmapheresis) and processed by centrifugation. Through this process, the blood platelet concentrate (PRP) necessary for the treatment is obtained from the blood.
In a minimally invasive procedure, this concentrate is specifically injected into the scalp. A special device is used for this which makes the treatment painless!

hair removal

Permanently beautiful and smooth skin with no annoying stubble.

Excessive hair is not only a cosmetic problem in women and men, but a psychological burden.
Excessive hair growth can have a pathological cause, for example a hormonal one.
In most cases, however, it is not pathological but genetic.
Laser treatment can permanently remove excessive or unwanted hair growth on the face, neck, underarms, arms, legs, and bikini area.

Laser epilation works best with dark hair, as the laser energy is conducted into the roots via the pigmentation of the hair. Tanned skin cannot be lasered due to the increased melanin content. Furthermore, the hair should not be plucked or depilated a few days before laser epilation.

On average, 80-100% of the hair is removed after 6 sessions. Very light hair (white hair, down/velus) cannot be removed at all or only minimally. There are people who have all hair removed after 3 sessions, but sometimes someone may not respond to the treatment at all. However, they are the exceptions.



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