Facial treatments

Botulinum toxin is the most effective method worldwide for correcting expression wrinkles such as frown lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles on the upper lip and chin, and hanging corners of the mouth. In the process, the injected toxin temporarily inhibits the nerve impulse to the muscles and thereby calms muscular movement, resulting in visible smoothing of the wrinkles. Treatment with botulinum toxin brings new freshness to your face without surgery. It is outpatient and only takes about 15 minutes, depending on the number and characteristics of the affected areas. It takes about 3-5 days to take effect, but may take a little longer in exceptional cases. Due to temporarily blocking nerve stimulation, the result lasts for several months.

By injecting specific trigger points, it is also possible to correct undesirable facial features such as what is called a “gummy smile”, a drooping nose tip, wide nostrils, strongly accentuated cheek muscles, and a dominant chin.

When treating wrinkles with hyaluronic acid filler:

  • Static wrinkles, such as nasolobial or puppet wrinkles, can be effectively corrected
  • as well as age-related reduced volume in the face, such as tear lines, narrow lips, sunken temples, or a receding chin.

Depending on the area to be treated, different demands are made on the product and the technology used. This requires sound knowledge and training. Profound anatomical knowledge is a prerequisite for achieving the best possible result.

The effect is immediately visible and lasts for several months.

Botox injections in the area of the eye muscles soften crow’s feet and open up the eye. By injecting a hyaluronic acid filler specially developed for the sensitive eye area, the eyebrows are raised, sunken temples lifted, and deep eye rings disappear. The effect is unique and comparable to a surgical eye lift. Due to the new technology of this dermafiler, the effect occurs immediately without leaving telling marks such as bruises, swelling, or redness. The results last up to 2 years.

Using a special cannula, a very fine hyaluronic acid, specially developed for this area, is injected completely painlessly into the area around the eyes. This hyaluronic acid is additionally enriched with skin-regenerating substances which will significantly improve the thin skin of the dark circles over the following months. There are no bruises during this treatment, it is completely painless, and the result is immediately visible.

The result lasts 1-2 years.

This patient was treated by Dr. Christine Hoffman.

A rejuvenation treatment combining injections with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid filler. The facial muscles are first relaxed by targeted injection of botulinum toxin. In addition, a specific hyaluronic acid filler is placed in the area of sunk temples, lower rings around the eyes, hanging cheeks, and hamster cheeks using a blunt cannula to create an immediate lifting effect. Without the tell-tale features of an operation such as bruises, redness, or swelling, you immediately look at least 5 to 10 years younger.

A particularly soft hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the lips using a wafer-thin, blunt cannula in such a way that the unwanted small wrinkles around the mouth can be smoothed out and the lip contour can be emphasised again or – as desired – individual lip enlargement can be achieved.

The Egyptian queen Nefertiti was considered the most beautiful woman in the world in ancient times and was known for her perfect neck .

By injecting botulinum toxin into the platysm muscle of the neck and chest area, the protruding platysmal ligaments are relaxed and the neck is smoothed out.

In some cases a supplementary treatment with hyaluronic acid filler, mesotherapy, thread lifting or laser treatment can further improve the result.

Which treatment is necessary for a harmonious overall picture always depends on the individual.

Mesotherapy is a complementary medical treatment method developed in France around 1960. Depending on the indication in question, homeopathic and low-dose drugs are injected superficially into the skin.

The areas of application range from wound healing disorders, neurodermatitis and hair loss to the prevention and treatment of skin aging (Mesolift/Mesoglow).

Mesoglow is a combination of a chemical peel and mesotherapy. After a gentle chemical peel, active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids are injected directly into the surface layers of the skin using a meso pistol. This not only delays the natural aging process of the skin but also effectively treats it. After just one treatment your skin looks clearly refreshed and firmer. This method is suitable for treating tired skin on the face, neck, chest area, and back of the hands.

For a lasting effect, Mesoglow should be repeated regularly.

The thread lift for a fresh, radiant appearance without surgery and without a scalpel. 

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure in which youthful contours can be restored without the need for a scalpel or surgery.

Polydioxanone (PDO) filaments are placed into the skin connective tissue with the aid of a blunt cannula and lead to a significant increase in collagen production. At the same time, the microscopic barbs on the threads tighten the skin even more. After about 8-10 months, the PDO threads are completely absorbed by the body.

Generally thread lifting has no side effects. The threads themselves are well tolerated and completely absorbed by the body. Since the threads are not inserted into the skin with a sharp needle but with a blunt cannula, the risk of damaging vessels or nerves is also reduced to a minimum. The development of bruises is small.

Rarely, swelling and pressure sensitivity can occur at the injection sites, which usually subside after a few days even without further treatment.

Plasmalift – Vampire lift

With this method of skin regeneration, several millilitres of blood are taken, centrifuged immediately and then the plasma (PRP) rich in growth factors and skin-rejuvenating proteins is superficially injected back into the skin. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.

Vampire lifting therefore uses the body’s own blood to support the skin’s natural repair mechanism. With the help of growth factors, cell renewal is stimulated and collagen formation is stimulated.

Plasma lifting counteracts the first signs of skin aging. This gentle and effective method is particularly suitable for treating sun-damaged, mature skin, as well as for skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing.

The result is sustainably youthfully fresh and healthy skin. This method is particularly suitable for treating sun-damaged mature skin, as well as for treating acne, acne scars, and hair loss. On request, the plasma can also be combined with hyaluronic acid and vitamins.

In some cases a combination treatment with Botox or hyaluronic acid is recommended.

Small veins / Couperosis

Couperosis is superficial, fine vasodilatation of the skin, usually in the area of the cheeks and nose, sometimes also on the neck and chest area. Various causes such as sun exposure, high blood pressure, or rosacea can cause this redness.

Permanently removing the dilated veins is possible by laser treatment. In some cases a single treatment is sufficient; in the case of pronounced symptoms several treatments are necessary


Fortunately, there is now a whole range of methods for treating acne professionally and effectively.

In addition to the highly effective combination of medicinal and local therapeutic treatment methods, numerous medical-cosmetic treatment methods are also available.

Excellent results are achieved by a combination of a chemical peel, PRP autoblood therapy, and medical care products specifically developed for acne skin.

These contain not only natural care substances, but therapeutic agents such as hormones, antibiotics, vitamins, etc. for the effective and lasting treatment of skin problems such as acne, rosacea, and sun-damaged, prematurely aging skin.

Skin resurfacing mit fraktionalem CO² – Hauterneuerungslaser

Skin resurfacing with fractional CO²  skin renewal laser

One of the most effective methods of treating signs of aging of the skin.

  • Skin firming
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Pigment spots
  • Scars (e.g. acne scars, surgical scars, burn scars)
  • Structural irregularities of the skin
  • Sun damage (solar / actinic elastosis and keratosis)

With increasing age, the quality and elasticity of the skin deteriorate, resulting in wrinkles, pigment spots, and structural irregularities. An additional loss of volume in the face also contributes to an older appearance.

Skin aging is determined by its genetic constitution, but external factors such as smoking, excessive sunbathing, and poor nutrition also accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is one of the most effective methods to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and to treat slack skin.

With this method, the uppermost layers of the skin are first removed (vaporised) by the release of therapeutic energy to the skin and the skin connective tissue is tightened and then the formation of new collagen is stimulated by the resulting warming.

Removing the upper skin layers as a therapeutic alternative to a surgical facelift.

Although the laser treatment for skin rejuvenation is usually performed on the face, it is a procedure that can be applied to the entire body.

  • Reduction of skin sagging
  • Reduction of fine wrinkles and lines
  • Improvement of skin firmness, skin texture
  • Pore size reduction

In addition, it improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin and the skin is given a healthy appearance.

Since fractional skin resurfacing is associated with minor discomfort and minimal healing time, this method is a real alternative to a surgical face lift. This method keeps its promise to soothe the flaws on your skin and promote the regeneration of collagen, restoring your skin’s youthful appearance in terms of texture, tone, and colour.

Which skin conditions can be improved by CO² laser treatment?

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Gives the skin a firmer and smoother appearance
  • Reduces scars
  • Reduces sun damage such as brown spots
  • Reduces skin stains and ensures a more even skin tone
  • Reduces pigmented and vascular skin symptoms

The result depends on age, degree of sun damage, and skin type. This treatment shows a clear rejuvenation of the skin after just one session.

The sensation of pain or other ailments is of a different intensity in each person. Local anaesthetic measures keep potential pain as low as possible. The entire area to be treated can be anaesthetised by an additional nerve blockade.

After the treatment, you may experience swelling and redness for a few days. In most cases, these symptoms subside within three weeks. During this period – with the exception of the first few days after the treatment – you can apply makeup to cover the redness.

After only a few days, your skin looks smoother and has a more even skin tone. Your skin will improve over a period of six to nine months as old collagen is continuously broken down and replaced with new collagen.

Deep scars and/or wrinkles may require multiple treatments. The number of treatments also depends on your own expectations and can be repeated after only a few months.

Sun damage to the skin: pigment spots etc.

In addition to the numerous positive effects of the sun on body and soul, UV rays are also the number one skin aging factor.
They are responsible for numerous UV-induced skin damage problems such as pigment spots, actinic keractoses, squamous cell carcinomas, and melanomas.

Pigment spots are caused by UV-induced overproduction of melanin. This leads to flat, light brown to black spots in various shapes and sizes on your skin.

Actinic keratosis has become a widespread disease in Europe.

15% of all men and 6% of all women are affected. Long-term UV exposure, especially on areas exposed to strong sunlight such as the nose, ears, a bald head, etc., causes cornifications on the skin which can develop into invasive plate-epithelial carcinoma in 10% of cases.

Photodynamic therapy is an innovative and highly effective treatment option.

Photodynamische Therapie

Bei der Photodynamischen Therapie (PDT) handelt es sich um eine nicht invasive Behandlungsmethode UV induzierter Schäden der Haut. Dabei wird eine lichtaktive Substanz auf die betroffenen Hautstellen aufgetragen. Diese wird vor allem von den erkrankten und lichtgeschädigten Hautzellen aufgenommen.

Durch die Interaktion der lichtaktiven Substanz mit Tageslicht werden die lichtgeschädigten Hautzellen zum Absterben gebracht. Das behandelte Areal erscheint nach der Therapie gerötet und leicht geschwollen. Ein anfängliches Hautbrennen klingt innerhalb kurzer Zeit ab. In den darauffolgenden Tagen kommt es zu einer Verkrustung, da die abgestorbenen kranken Hautzellen abgestoßen werden. Die individuelle Reaktion ist abhängig von der Anzahl der kranken Zellen, die durch die PDT zerstört wurden und kann in schweren Fällen auch kurzzeitig zu Schüttelfrost und Fiebergefühl führen. Die Lichtaktive Substanz wird ausschließlich von den sonnengeschädigten Zellen aufgenommen. Die gesunden Zellen bleiben erhalten.

Das kosmetische Ergebnis ist eine deutliche Reduzierung der Sonnenschäden wie Pigmentflecken und aktinischen Keratosen. Als positiver Nebeneffekt kommt es zusätzlich zu einer Hautstraffung durch Kollagenneubildung und Reduzierung kleiner Fältchen.

Body treatments

This is a vacuum suction massage in which the tissue is treated down to the deep layers. It is particularly suitable for treating cellulite or for post-treatment after liposuction or a face lift.

Endermology helps with limp connective tissue and cellulite. The tissue is increasingly supplied with blood and lymph flow is stimulated. Endermology is a special procedure for tightening the connective tissue. A medical effect has been proven in clinical studies.

In contrast to other methods, in endermology the connective tissue is treated right down to the deeper layers. The computer-assisted massage method combines special massage rollers with a vacuum suction system.

The lymphatic and venous circulation are revived. In addition, the natural metabolic processes are activated. Nutrients are increasingly transported into the tissue and toxins and enriched waste products are removed.

Endermology accelerates the natural burning of fat. Both cell renewal and the formation of new collagen are stimulated in the tissue. The skin becomes visibly softer and smoother and regains its youthful firmness .

Endermology treatment can achieve the best results pain-free .

We are constantly exposed to high environmental pollution, because heavy metals, smog, radiation, and many other harmful substances flow in daily and lead to increasing “poisoning” of the body. In addition, bad nutrition, stress, and the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol lead to the accumulation of too many metabolic waste products in our tissue.
If constant discomfort, fatigue, sleep disturbances, listlessness or even depressive moods are felt at any time, these can be the first signs that can be traced back to this. As a consequence, serious diseases of the skin, the cardiovascular system, or the nervous system can then occur if poisoning continues.
Infusion therapy is an effective antidote, because unhealthy substances are specifically eliminated and the body’s own drainage organs, such as the lymphatic system, liver and gall bladder, kidneys and bladder or even the skin, are sustainably stimulated.
High doses of vitamins, minerals, and medical active substances form the basis of all infusion cures. They serve to strengthen the immune system in recurrent infections and are compiled individually as required.
In cases of a lack of energy and chronic fatigue, performance can be significantly and rapidly increased by abutment infusions . In addition, your body can be deacidified and detoxified by a base infusion or detox infusion as required. These help in particular with a change in diet and to improve unattractive dents due to cellulite.



Fat deposits that neither disappear through diet nor through exercise can be melted away with a fat removal injection. The active ingredient is injected directly into the fatty tissue of the affected areas of the body using the finest needles. The treatment itself only takes a few minutes and is almost painless. In the following days after the treatment, there is swelling in the treated area that subsides completely after a few weeks. This method is particularly suitable for the outpatient treatment of small fat deposits such as a double chin, sagging cheeks, slack upper arms, inner thighs, and knees. Depending on the size of the fat deposit and the individual reaction of the tissue, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment. General weight reduction cannot be achieved with the fat removal injection.

The latest method for getting rid of fat!

3 Treatments with PBS

6 Treatments with PBS


Highly purified “recombinant” enzymes from bacterial cultures (such as hyaluronic acid, which has long been used in medicine) are injected into the corresponding tissue.

Enzymes are substances (almost always proteins – long-chain protein molecules) that occur frequently in nature – and above all in the human body – and regulate various metabolic processes. Since their main feature is to strongly accelerate biochemical reactions, they are also called “biocatalysts”.

While lipase very effectively leads to reducing excess fat , the enzymes collagenase and hyaluronidase can be used successfully to combat the dents occurring in cellulite and through the latter also combat water retention in the tissue. With this three-in-one combination you can counteract the main foundations of cellulite.
This new enzymatic method also offers other therapeutic options: For example, scars (including acne scars) and stretch marks can be treated very well with collagenase.

Treatment with PBSerum:

A certain lipase has been developed which is able to remove fat from the fat cells of the fat layer under the skin independently of hormonal influences such as insulin and adrenaline.
In addition, two further enzymes have been developed to break down the connective tissue strands responsible for the unsightly dents and retractions in cellulite or to eliminate water stored in the tissue.

With an injection of three enzymes, the basic causes of the appearance of cellulite are combated: fat, connective tissue strands, and water retention!

Not only cellulite, but also unwanted fat deposits in the face (cheeks, double chin) and on the body can be treated with this new method. This is done through injections with very thin needles, similar to the well-known “fat removal injection”.

The number of treatments required varies depending on the area of application and person. In some cases visible results can be expected after one application, but sometimes 5-6 treatments may be necessary.

Botox / swaeting and migraineses

HYPERHIDROSIS (excessive sweating)
Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for pathological increased sweating. Some people sweat relatively heavily, which can either be localised (e.g. on the feet) or on the whole body.

Sweating is a natural and necessary process in humans. Sweating regulates our body temperature and harmful substances are excreted from the body. Humans have about 2 million sweat glands that occur everywhere in the skin. They are particularly numerous in the palms and soles of the feet, armpits, and forehead.
Sweat glands are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. When sweating, the nerve endings send impulses to the sweat glands so that they form sweat and release it via fine channels to the skin surface. The amount of normal sweat production varies from person to person.

In the case of hyperhidrosis, the amount of sweat produced goes far beyond the normal level and the affected patients suffer considerably.

Compared to previous methods such as sweat gland suction or foot and hand baths that work with direct current, today Botox injections are administered that are significantly more effective and involve less risk of complications.

Botulinum toxin inhibits the functional supply of the sweat glands in the armpits, palms, and soles. This can greatly reduce sweat production.

Treating hyperhidrosis with Botox injections is suitable for everyone and can be applied practically anywhere on the body – including the palms, soles of the feet, head, and back. However, treatments are most frequently carried out in the armpit area or armpits.

The effect lasts for about four to six months. We recommend repeating the treatment two to three times a year. The reason for this is that after a few months new nerve endings grow in the sweat glands and sweat production begins to increase again.

Migraines are a neurological disease affecting around ten percent of the population. Severe headaches accompanied by increased sensitivity to light, nausea, and noise are indicators of a migraine. Migraines affect more women than men and the 25-45 age group is at the highest risk.

In most cases, migraines are treated with traditional headache medication. Sometimes acupuncture, yoga, and autogenic training can relieve patients’ discomfort.

Botox is not a remedy for acute treatment, but a pain prophylaxis. Treating migraines with Botox is considered a preventive treatment, the efficacy of which is now proven. In addition to chronic migraines, it is also possible to reduce chronic headaches (usually caused by medication overuse) with Botox.

Studies have shown that there is no efficacy in periodic headaches and therefore Botox treatment is foreseeable. Treating migraines and chronic headaches with Botox has been most successful in patients for whom conventional therapy methods provide little or no pain relief.
Botox for migraines in particular works by reducing sensitivity to pain. With Botox, the average headache duration can be reduced and the intensity of migraine attacks and their duration is also reduced.
After detailed information about your migraine pain in terms of intensity and duration, for which the starting point of the pain is especially essential, the treatment is administered on well-defined trigger points (exit points of nerves) in the area of ​​the temples, the back of the head, neck, and forehead.
Depending on the dose and indication, the first successes of a treatment can be seen approximately 10 to 14 days after the start of treatment. It can be assumed that the effect lasts about three to six months, whereby the duration of action can be longer with increasing duration of therapy.

Treating hands


Using a blunt cannula, the latest locally anesthetic-containing Dermafiller from Vycross technology from Allergan is injected completely painlessly into the folds on the back of the hand. Due to the unique combination of long and short chain hyaluronic acid molecules, this filler lasts for up to 12 months, leaving no bruising or swelling. As a local ambassador of the company Allergan, Dr. Hoffmann is one of the first users of this Dermafiller.


With this non-invasive superficial peeling method, the surface skin cells are radiated by means of diamond microcrystals, the skin surface becomes velvety, and  age spots  and light  sun damage  on the hands are reduced.

1. Pulsed Light Flash Therapy – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): the first signs of skin aging in the hand can be reduced. The texture and thickness of the skin are achieved by collagen regeneration. Multiple sessions are necessary.
2. CO2 laser: The uppermost skin layer is treated specifically and age spots disappear. Only one treatment is needed but convalescence takes longer. Direct sunlight and tanning beds must be avoided for some time.
3. “Broken capillaries” and couperose on the back of the hand can be treated very well with the diode laser.

Those who constantly have damp hands know how stressful this is. People with sweaty hands do not like to shake hands with others. The very thought of shaking hands causes psychogenic heavy sweating of the palms.

Treatment with botulinum toxin via microinjections causes sweaty hands to dry out.


A combination of a chemical peel and mesotherapy. After gentle exfoliation tailored to the individual needs of the skin, active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids are injected directly into the upper layers of the skin using a meso pistol. This not only delays the skin’s natural aging processes, but effectively treats them. The skin becomes more youthful and tightens up. For treating tired skin on the face, neck, chest area, and back of the hand.


Self-plasma treatment to stimulate hair roots, stimulating hair growth and improving hair texture. Depending on individual needs, your own plasma can additionally be combined with specific vitamins and trace elements.

Supplying nutrients to the cells is the prerequisite for healthy tissue. These growth factors are transported via the blood through particularly fine vessels (capillaries) to the hair root, for example. If this supply is diminished or disturbed, the tissue loses its nutrition and cell degeneration begins (e.g. hair loss).
Modern PRP therapy supports cell renewal. Our blood contains a wide variety of living cells. PRP is concentrated, enriched blood plasma. PRP for hair loss contains a particularly high amount of platelets, growth factors, and proteins. PRP can stimulate rejuvenation and cell regeneration at the hair root in the scalp. This autologous cell regeneration can stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Blood is taken from the patient before the plasma treatment / PRP treatment. This autologous blood is specially filtered (plasmapheresis) and processed by centrifugation. Through this process, the blood platelet concentrate (PRP) necessary for the treatment is obtained from the blood.
In a minimally invasive procedure, this concentrate is specifically injected into the scalp. A special device is used for this which makes the treatment painless!

Permanently beautiful and smooth skin with no annoying stubble.

Excessive hair is not only a cosmetic problem in women and men, but a psychological burden.
Excessive hair growth can have a pathological cause, for example a hormonal one.
In most cases, however, it is not pathological but genetic.
Laser treatment can permanently remove excessive or unwanted hair growth on the face, neck, underarms, arms, legs, and bikini area.

Laser epilation works best with dark hair, as the laser energy is conducted into the roots via the pigmentation of the hair. Tanned skin cannot be lasered due to the increased melanin content. Furthermore, the hair should not be plucked or depilated a few days before laser epilation.

On average, 80-100% of the hair is removed after 6 sessions. Very light hair (white hair, down/velus) cannot be removed at all or only minimally. There are people who have all hair removed after 3 sessions, but sometimes someone may not respond to the treatment at all. However, they are the exceptions.



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